Ah yes. Evidence supporting my prior statement in relation to my "sketchy" neighborhood has been verified once again. Tonight Chris and I arrived home at 10:00 after watching Dinner with Schmucks (do not see) and left for Wal-Mart about 20 minutes later. In that 20 minute window we were home, a car that was so badly wrecked I don't understand how it was able to function had pulled up in front of our house. Our loyal Mesa Police were on the scene, and concluded that it was a hit and run. The runner, after the crash and after causing significant damage to his own vehicle, drove far enough from the scene to park his car in a neighborhood (how thoughtful of him to choose ours), and took off on foot to avoid being caught. I was half expecting to see someone lurking the bushes of our dark back yard. Very creepy.

Anyhow, this just reiterates my support for Arizona's new law: SB1070. I don't intend for my blog to turn into some touchy political statement but obviously there is a problem here. As Governor Brewer said, "[This law] is needed to protect Arizona from violence and lawlessness associated with illegal immigrants entering the country from Mexico." Amen.

Now, I recognize that I am jumping to conclusions by suspecting that this individual is here illegally, but anyone who has an accurately registered vehicle can be located by the cops via the serial number on the vehicle. This being the case, I would much prefer to face a cop having a simple car accident on my hands than the alternative: fleeing the scene (a criminal act) and abandoning my car just so the cops can use it to trace me back to my home. Kind of a roundabout, not-very-practical approach. Secondly, while hit-and-runs are somewhat normal, abandoning the vehicle is not. The point I am trying to make is this: most people who are not under the stress of being caught by the police and deported would not act in such a strange manner.

However, this opens up a counter argument. Some would use tonight's occurrence as a perfect example of why this new law should not be in act. They would say that it forces illegal immigrants who are involved in accidents to flee thus avoiding deportation. Conveniently for them, they also get to flee their responsibility to those involved (in the unlikely case that they have insurance). So however you play it, it is doubtful that many undocumented individuals would chose to come forward even without this highly debated law in act. That being said, I am willing to tolerate hit-and-runs in front of my house if it means that a reversal of the overall problem is being resolved.

Politics are a sticky mess. No matter what way you play it, there will always be a strong opinion on one end an a strong opinion on the other, but ultimately, it is this constant pull that keeps our government somewhat balanced. That being said, to each their own!

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  1. Girlfriend! I SAW and HEARD the WHOLE entire thing! I told the cops where the guy was running
    (he took off on foot on Fraser East) and it. was. INTENSE! Sketchy, yes. Boring, NEVER!