This month as pumpkins and ghouls started cropping up in stores, I jumped on the bandwagon early by busting out a bag of stringy, messy fake cobwebs waiting to be stretched across my front porch, and thus began our preparations for Halloween. I love how holidays are so theme specific--when else can you hang a skeleton above your kitchen sink and leave over-sized vegetables laying around the house? 

For whatever reason, I have been really determined to throw a Halloween party. Chris and I had one last year (very last minute--we called our friends at 11:00 the night before to invite them in true Gilbert fashion), and had a blast. This time around, we went all out. Chris scuttled up the side of the house to plant spotlights on the roof used to light up our side yard. We strung orange lights around our stump of a tree, decorated inside and out, and made lots of caramely, sticky, treats that are never going to chip off my dishes, and had a very good time. 

We had a bbq, played games, carved pumpkins, and lit our pumpkin on fire (apparently a "Gilbert Tradition" since we did it last year). 

Chris and I were a double rainbow. DOUBLE RAINBOW... what does it mean?! (From the viral Youtube video in case you live under a rock.) And yes, those are cotton balls. It was last-minute. And yes, they are kind of falling apart. It was a long night.
How cute is Chris? He went to the store and bought those little striped stockings and came up with this idea. Ding dong the witch is dead.  

The finished products:

Ang and Blakes' Pumpkin. 

 The artistic wonders of Cori and Eric.

My Pumpkin.

It casts a star on the wall which I was very happy about. 

And our new family tradition...

Gone wrong. Combo lighter fluid, nail polish remover, and hand sanatizer. We are definitely not old enough to start having kids yet.