Limitations... Chris and I have few but apparently need to establish more.

Yesterday, he and I went boating/wake boarding/tubing all in one trip, and we are feeling it today. Lets just say, Chris landed this jump (and one other) on his back.

As for me, I'm kind of a chicken. There really is no other excuse for me to pull that kind of a face (click on photo below) on a harmless tubing run. Dramatic? I guess. Reminds me a little of the characters from Totoro, but I WAS scared, and I DO feel extremely sore today.

The unpredictable life of Chris and Tori doesn't stop here. The night before last, we had our friends Cori and Eric over for dinner. Your typical idea of grownup "fun." (I accidentally made enough food to feed a ward family if anyone wants to pick up leftovers). However, spur of the moment, the four of us decided to stay up for the midnight showing of Inception (fantastic by the way). Then we decided to throw all conventionality out the window and had a sleepover at Cori and Eric's house.

After waking up with two little kids jumping on our bed, Chris and I unanimously decided to "wait a while" before we get started on a family. At least until our non-stop lifestyle gets the better of us and we decide it is time to "settle down" and have a family. Deceiving phrase though. Kids are so much more work than anything I have faced yet. I'm just warming myself up for when things get REALLY crazy. So, I guess you could say that we are learning our limitations. At least when it comes to baby Gilbies!

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  1. This looks like SO much fun, Tori! My heavens, you two are so adventurous. Haha, love your face on the raft. You'll probably pull the same one when you squeeze a little Gilbert out into the world :) hehehe