The Great Explorers

The lovely Arizona winter is fading and summer is upon us again all too quickly. But before it got too hot, Chris and I took advantage of the great outdoors one last time with our good friends Jen and Dan. Our destination--the Salt River. Our original plan was to hike down to the Salt River dam... whichwe never found. However, the water was was low enough that we were able to hop rocks across the length of the river and poke around the cliffs on the other side. It was a most enjoyable morning until we returned to the city for a second lunch (most essential) and ended up recklessly loosing Snoopy in downtown Mesa. However, we have restored faith in our neighborhood. Everyone was pitching in to help us find our little beagle. Eventually we found him in an 85 year-olds back yard. Somehow she miraculously caught Mr. Mischief and was hanging onto him in hopes of being able to contact the owners.


  1. Ok...when we visited and you said a "desert hike" this is what I had in mind, not the Camelback CLIMB! I have to admit I was secretly glad to see my greenish-gray faced Fred doubled over on the side of the trail. His spicy stomach saved me from three tiers of torturously steep terrain clinging to the "iron rod". I would much rather sit on the sofa with my reading glasses on and enjoy the iron rod from here-thank you very much!!