Happy Birthday To Me!

24? When did this happen? Twenty-three had a nice ring to it but now I'm not sure I have a certain age to look forward to anymore. "I'm one hundred" sounds pretty impressive, but honestly... who want's to live to be a hundred?

Regardless, I had a pretty good 24th birthday.

For starters, Chris made breakfast. Hurrah! He didn't quite make it to the dishes afterwards, but I have a whole year to work on him. We'll try again once I hit 25. Following breakfast, I took a most refreshing shower, put on my new striped shirt, styled my fresh haircut and headed to the Phoenix Science Center.

It was the Body World exhibit's last week in Phoenix, so Chris and I were all over it. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the exhibit, but if not, it displays preserved (via plasticization) bodies of humans who wanted to donate their bodies to science. It sounds kind of horrific, but the exhibit is really informative, interesting, artistic, and only sometimes a little creepy. Photography was strictly prohibited, so here are some professional photos of the exhibit.

The Science Center also has an I-Max screen, so following Body Worlds, Chris and I went to a 3D movie on Tahiti. Honestly, it was probably the best 45 minutes of my day. There are so many 3D movies anymore, and they cost a fortune but only provide a mildly dimensional experience. Our Tahiti film was anything but. I was there. I was swimming with the tropical fishes and reaching out to touch the rough coral. I had fire being whipped around myhead by some insanely buff islander in a grass skirt, and then decided to take up surfing with the worlds 9 time surf champ. Hooray for eight dollar 3D and I-Max tickets at the Science Center. I dig you.

Chris must have been feeling generous because he let me choose where to eat my birthday dinner (he would have chosen buffalo wings or steak no doubt), but I chose the Parlor in Phoenix. It is a fun, funky place that used to be an old hair parlor and has since been converted to a restaurant. It has a really retro vibe and great food.

The barstools are old haircutting chairs to keep true to The Parlor's roots.

I love the people wallpaper. I pity the soul who had to draw the original.

This is part of the restaurant's retro design--a floor-to-ceiling window that runs the length of the building. On the outer side of the window is a wall made of these molded concrete blocks.

My best birthday gift would be my one year anniversary (the day after my birthday).

We finished up the night with strawberry daiquiris courtesy of Dan and Jenn. I should have made a toast to old age.

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