Happy Boo Day

I thoroughly enjoy Halloween each year--primarily due to pumpkin carving, costumes, the black and orange decor, and autumn appropriate foods. There is no better excuse to have a party!

At about midnight on Tuesday, Chris and I had the random urge to plan a Halloween shindig, and by Wednesday evening after work, we were shindiggin' it. It seems like the older one gets, the less "last minute" they become, so I commend Chris and myself for taking full advantage of what's left of our youth.

Anyhow, this scrapped together party with the neighbors ended up being an absolute blast. We ate all the best Halloween foods, drank "potion" (mostly dry ice and juice), carved pumpkins with surgeon-like precision, and then lit our pumpkins on fire.

Chris and I last year. We have better luck when we aren't carving pumpkins together (Chris started sawing out the reverse image of what was supposed to be cut.) We had better success this go around. :)

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  1. One of my absolute favorite pictures of the two of you!!