Faking Fall

Fall is such an easy season to love because it is always accompanied by a number of unmistakable and terribly sentimental “fall indicators:” the feel of a cozy arm-hugging sweater; the start of school; the smell of freshly sharpened #2 pencils; crisp cool air; and crunchy orange leafs underfoot--none of which I have experienced this month!

Without a decent “fall indicator” to trigger my memory of this thing called Autumn, I completely forgot that the season existed. I practically ran, cart-first, into a mountain of pumpkins at the supermarket before I realize that October had arrived.

Naturally, I compensated for my heinous ignorance by immediately diving into the mound of pumpkins and surfacing with the perfect pick. One pumpkin lead to another which eventually led to a small fortune spent on Indian corn, squash, and warty gourds.

In an attempt to fake fall, I brought autumn indoors by decorating and am now disregarding the fact that it is gorgeous and sunny in Phoenix. Yesterday I took it a step further. Ignoring the palm trees and 95 degree weather outside, I settled into my favorite new sweater (which is very cute mind you). This led to the conclusion that I probably shouldn’t force ALL aspects of fall or I’m going to be a very hot, uncomfortable person.

Bring on the cacti, heat waves, and monsoon storms that drop trees on my roof. You are my new “fall indicators” and I will be grateful for the warmth that you promise come January.

How warty is your gourdie?

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