Mega Post

Dear Blogging Followers (All 5 of You),

I am embarrassingly behind on updating my blog and have probably not given you much reason to continue following it, but I’M BACK! The following is to blame on my lack of continuity…

Picking ripe pomegranates from the six fruit trees in our back yard.

I have decided that pomegranates are a complicated fruit. There is no common sense way to open them and really no common sense way to eat them.

Making my Grandma Hop proud by putting her pie-making lessons to good use just in time for Thanksgiving.

Hand making all of my Christmas ornaments out of paper in an attempt to save money, then realizing that I got ripped off by the guy at the tree lot.

Making a gingerbread temple with Chris.

Visiting the non-gingerbread temple to view the stunning lights.

Enjoying Christmas in frosty Wyoming.

Showing up my husband and brother at target shooting.

Trying to get my dogs life back on track (he's been running with a rough crowd). Apparently it didn't work--he got popped this week after stepping in the wrong hood.

Visiting our favorite resort--Chico Hot Springs.

Enjoying our favorite Chico dessert, Orange Flambe.

Watching the Suns roll over Detroit into the new year.


  1. So FUN! Looks like your holidays were a blast! Were those pies in the picture actually YOUR pies?! They looked amazing!

  2. Yeah! you are back! Looking forward to great stories. :)

  3. I am so proud of your 'mega' post, the likes of which I am attempting to accomplish myself. Can I just say you and Chris are a gorgeous couple. And your hair looks faaabulous by the way! Your Christmas ornaments are uber cute and nice work on your gingerbread temple. :) Oh man oh man, I miss you so much and would love it if you'd come visit Seattle someday! Or maybe I can come there. If so, please promise we can hit up some FLW sites fo sho foo!

  4. How fun! I'm so glad you guys are doing great! I miss seeing you around though ;)

  5. Hey Tori! I didn't know you had a blog until now and I LOVE it! We just moved down to Mesa and in with me folks (who can beat free rent, right?) I'm glad your enjoying AZ.