One January Morning

I used to DREAD January, but this year it has conveniently become my favorite month (I'm sure moving to Arizona has absolutely nothing to do with my change of heart). I can't ask for anything more than seventy degree weather and palm trees outside my screen door.

The only day that Chris and I both have work off is Sunday, and with 2:00 church, our mornings tend to be very active. My new favorite Sunday morning activity--bike rides through our neighborhood. (Check out my desert cruiser... the breaks don't work but I love it regardless.)

Todays bike ride proved to be fruitful. Thank you dear neighbors!


  1. OK, now I'm REALLY pushing Thomas to go to ASU!! Sounds amazing!

  2. YOUR BIKE IS SO CUTE! And I can basically smell those lemons through the screen...delish.

    That 70 degree weather sounds dreamy. Although I'm not giving up my overcast clouds quite yet. There is something so artistic about waking up to rain almost daily, not to mention I love slightly chilly weather for fashion purposes.

    Request - can you post images of your house, like a walk through tour? If you do I will too :)