We went to CostCo and I would imagine that standing in front of those sliding glass doors gazing into air conditioned, Americanized bliss is what it must be like to stand before the pearly gates of heaven. 

Taiwan's CostCo did not disappoint. It's a 2 story building with very spiffy ramped escalators that the shopping carts lock onto to while moving between floors. The brands were gloriously familiar, and although it was still difficult to find specific foods (tortillas, lunch meat, ranch dressing), I felt it would be sacrilegious to complain in that blessed place. 

300 guiltless dollars later, we loaded up the car and headed home determined to never be forced to eat on the street again. Our plan has been working like a charm. I lost whatever homesickness I had (pathetically food plays a large roll in my state of happiness). Our poor fridge (smaller than a standard fridge) is so weighted down that I'm afraid it might drop through the floor, but there's a will, there's a way. 

I think we exceeded the elevator's weight limit. 


  1. That is amazing! I'm glad you have a Costco around. I would NOT survive if I had to eat another kind of cuisine!

  2. I like to think that I could tough it out in another country....but I am pretty sure I would have kissed the floor if I was in your situation. I lost like five pounds just visiting Mexico for two weeks because I could never stomach more than half of my meals that we bought on the street.