Wild Taiwan

The Taipei Zoo rocks my life. It is only about 10 times better than any American zoo I have been too. I usually end up scanning some lame habitat from behind smudgy plexiglas for a zonked out animal that’s so far away I couldn't distinguish if it was real or not.

For starters, the admission fee was two bucks a person--I almost felt guilty it was so inexpensive. Second, the Taipei Zoo is a habitat that you simply cannot beat. It's cut out of the jungle and the line between the natural landscape and the animal's enclosures is so blurred there is no clear distinction where one begins and the other ends. Also, the confinements are designed in a way that there is almost always a good view of whatever animal is on display, and because the habitat is so conducive and natural, the animals are extremely active. Only one or two sleepers this visit! 

Like I said, the animals were extremely active; we even caught the rhinos mating. Hehe.

The elephants thought very highly of us.

This was the cutest little baby monkey. He was pretty shy at first.

'Till mama monkey caught a butterfly. Tasty.

The winged snack attracted cousin monkey.

And baby really wanted a bite.

Following our visit to the zoo we went on a "gondola ride" not to be confused with strapping Italian men in striped shirts. It was more or less a tram that took us from the city to the top of a mountain-side village.

We opted for the "crystal" tram which had a glass base. It offered great views of the bamboo. Most exciting.

Taipei from a distance. 


  1. I am thinking that slurping on a coco (or whatever the mango drink was) and watching those monkey's sounds like a great day! BTW...is Chris going to start school ever? I think you should just play the whole time!

  2. Fun, I love zoos and that does sound like a good one. I will have to put Taipei zoo on my bucket list.