What would we forget without photos?

It's amazing what a random string of memories and emotions that old snapshots can bring back at a glance: Was my house really pink? My first pair of Ruby Red Slippers! I remember Mom making them herself with the sequin strands she bought in Lovell. Did Dad ever have that much hair? Speaking of hair--where did my bangs go and who left me unattended with the scissors? I tried eating cow food that day and decided that rolling the it down the windshield of the feeding truck was a much more fun alternative... and I still remember the taste.

I stumbled upon these photos earlier today and decided that they have been wasting away in a shoebox too long--to my blog they go! There is something sentimental in the way old photos are slightly unfocused and not entirely true to color. There is something even more sentimental when you are the one who is somewhat blurry and yellowing... so dig em' up and put em' up to share. You'll be surprised at what you remember.


  1. these are soo cute! i'm wanting to go find my kid pictures now!

  2. I forgot what your mothers hair was like back in the day! What funky bunny ears you have. These are so cute!

  3. i'm a major fan of the bangs in the picture with the fish :)

  4. Tori, I love all of these pictures. These were included in your wedding video. There is one that always stands out in my mind. Do you remember the one where you were outside, possibly celebrating your birthday with your friends and everyone was all dressed up with hats? It was like a tea party with fine desserts. Everyone was busy laughing and enjoying themselves but there you were looking straight at the camera with this certain smile, as if to say, "really? Are you really taking our picture?" I just love that smile!!