Single Awareness Day

I think my local grocery store took Valentines day a little too seriously this year. This really wasn't a difficult decision to come to when I ran in to buy a bag of lettuce and got bombarded with...

This grocery store is better decorated than my Senior Prom was--and these photos are only the highlights. There was more. Hat's off to Fry's Grocery, but I will be terribly annoyed if funding for those 1000 heart-shaped balloons came through increased lettuce pricing.

On a different note, I had my own little cupid this year. I don't have many good photos of Valentines day outside of the grocery store, but Chris spoiled me. In addition to an i-pod nanno, he surprised me with a dozen roses at work. The first time I have ever had a dozen roses! They look most fantastic on our new table (more photos to come).

I grilled a delicious dinner (all candle lit) with the grill I bought and hand assembled. I'm becoming pretty handy. Chris got a few shirts from me and "The Best of Enya." He's pretty easy to please. I just have to think... what would a 40-year old woman want? Ok. Got it.

I love that boy.

Chris is quite a romantic and used rose petals to make a trail through the house leading to my gift. I recycled them and made a cute although withery heart. Also note the glorious wood grain--love my new walnut table. Good purchase.


  1. love your table, LOVE the giant-scaled calendar in the picture! I cannot believe your grocery store! It's heinous! :)

  2. Okay, you have a nice dining room table and your mother does not? What is wrong with this picture? Not that you don't deserve one, I'm glad you see the importance of eating around a table :) tell your dad to just go buy one for you mom (but save the recipt)

  3. Wow! They really went all out with the decorating. This reminds me of Mies van der Rohe's saying "less is more."