For the first two months after Chris and I were married we spent every day together in jobless bliss. Fortunately we had wedding money to survive off of, but we both realized that eventually reality would set in and we would have responsibilities that didn't fall in the category of "Carefree Newlywed Rapture."

It's unfortunate but true that most people spend more time with their coworkers than their families, but that's life. As badly as I wish this was true, you can't live off gifted money forever, so you drink those days up when it's just you and your family. This Wednesday was one of those rare days (after becoming an adult and getting a job) that Chris and I had the entire day to ourselves--church free, work free, school free. I rather enjoyed it.

I have only ever been to the zoo a handful of times in my life, and out of that whole handful, I only have one memory--sticking my head in a giant plaster lion's mouth which doubled as a drinking fountain. After Chris and I went to the zoo this Wednesday, I decided that the zoo is fascinating regardless of age and it's going to be cool in 15 years whether your remember it or not. Kids enjoy going so they can eat snow cones and see a cat that's bigger than their dad. On the other hand, any cultured adult can't help but fall victim to the "aw factor" of animals--their power, beauty, speed, their role on the earth. Of course, we are also excited to see cats larger than us and eat snow cones, so it's a win win.

Chris and I began our zoo tour in the Sing Ray Bay. For two dollars we got a dixie cup full of smelly munchies (sardines and shrimp) which the feeding instructor taught us to hold in our hands like an ice cream cone under water. I was under the impression that the ray's would gnaw the food from my hand with sharp little teeth--I didn't want to get a finger in there so I had a lot of unsuccessful attempts at feeding them. Towards the end after I chickened out too many times and Chris fed them all, I learned that ray's mouths act like a vacuum to suck their food up--no teeth involved. Doesn't change the fact that they have freaky mouths though.

Chris was most excited to be at Sting Ray Bay---or just at the zoo in general.

Yummy crunchy babies for the rays.

Chris got a little freaked when he first fed the ray which didn't encourage me any.

Tell me that mouth isn't deceiving.

Out of all the animals, the variety was so intense I couldn't pick a favorite, but these are a few that Chris and I especially enjoyed:

Recently it has been on my bucket list to ride a camel in Egypt. However, that becomes less of a reality by the day, so I lowered my expectations and settled by riding a camel in dusty little circles at the Phoenix zoo.

My "guide" was trying to convince me that camels make for a smooth ride--"like a Mercedes." I can't say that I agreed, nor can I say that my ride was as eventful as I had envisioned, but I did it. I rode a camel, and to anyone who hasn't, that sounds pretty cool.

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