Bali to Ying Ge


We peddled 5 + miles up the island, took a boat across cross the river, and a trekked down the beach to enjoy a 5 minute oceanfront sunset at the tip of Bail. It was definitely worth it. The hour and a half long bike ride home was less rewarding.


We ventured to Ying Ge. It's a small town that reminds me a bit of a retirement community although no one here really ever seems to stop working. The old ama's and agong's would have their fish or fruit sprawled on the street with their dried grass hats the only relief from the sun. 

Because Chris served part of his mission here he was full of useful information. Before the road was even in sight Chris explained there would be a woman around the corner selling hot sweet potatoes. Although it's been over two years and she works from little more than a cart on wheels, Mrs. Sweet Potato was right where he said she would be. 

Even though the potato skins were dry and charred, the insides were sweet and soft as butter. It was an unlikely but very good treat. 

Ying Ge is a hot spot for tourism because it has an unusually beautiful main street (for Taiwan) and is famous for its pottery. The cobblestone roads are lined with palms and attractive storefronts selling the beautiful local pottery.  

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  1. Brother McRae would have died to get his hands on some of that! You look beautiful Tori! Taiwan suits you!