Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf was an evening getaway that I really enjoyed. The wharf is in Danshui at the top of the island. To most people it would sound like a trip, and from Taipei it is, but we live so inconveniently north of Taipei, it was a nice change from the hour commute we make to the city every day.

The wharf's identity is anchored to a sculptural cable bridge that spans the river before it opens into the ocean. I enjoyed taking advantage of both its form and function.

It felt to good to be carefree.... to let go of my spirits and enjoy everything--the sunset, exploring the bridge's angles from behind my camera, the breeze cooling my sticky body and whipping my hair into tangles. You know those times when you think, "I'm perfectly happy" and are surprised at how little effort it takes to feel that good. And then you try and determine if it's the weather, the location, everything leading up the perfect moment, or if the stars and moons just happened to align. Then you decide that maybe it's a little of each and hope the celestial bodies will be in your favor again soon.


  1. Oh my goodness, you both are so hott.

  2. Hey T- You are really getting to experience Taiwan. Living there gives you the perfect opportunity to venture out on excursions and explore and experience and not just "see". I'm so glad that you are taking advantage of these opportunities-they are irreplaceable!!

    Lubert is very jealous. She was complaining that she has "seen" lots of fantastic places but she wants to be able to go and stay for a while-not just see the sights and do the touristy things but to also be a part of the little everyday sounds, sights, smells and flavors that make a place what it really is.

    You have awoken the adventurous spirit in all of us!