Blowfish Bay

I have decided that I can't honestly recommend anyone vacation in Taiwan for it's beaches alone. It's unfortunate because there was potential for Taiwan to have a Hawaii-like feel and reputation. However, that's been ruined by litter and miles of large concrete blocks dropped along shorelines to prevent enemy ships from docking.

That being said, we have a friend who recommended that we try Honeymoon Beach on the East side of the island. Commuting there required an hour long subway ride, an hour long wait at the station, an hour long train ride, and then a little backtracking on a different train because we overshot it.

We FINALLY got to the small, black sand beach that is a popular surfing spot. It was still as a lake and littered with dead blowfish. Not only where the puffers scattered along the shoreline but bobbing lifelessly in the ocean. It reeked like you would expect it to.

Chris found multiple forms of entertainment with so many fish at his disposal. First he tried dropping huge rocks on the fish to deflate them. The rocks would bounce back dangerously high off the fishes bloated bodies. Then some native kid started pitching the fish to Chris while he hit them with a stick. I'm sure he has contracted some nasty blowfish disease as a result. It was still good to get out of the city, even if surfing was a flop and there was nothing remotely romantic about Honeymoon Beach.

I have mixed feelings about this photo. The blowfish's puffy little body, big eyes, and Nemo teeth are kind of comic, but considering the fact that it's dead as a door nail, it's a little creepy.

Britton and Chris make surfing look more exciting than it really was. Note the absence of waves. We mostly just paddled around on our boards. 


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  1. Oh my I love reading about all of your adventures. That blowfish looks disgusting. You are doing an awesome job of keeping your blog updated. I can't wait to read more.