1/2 Day Trip

Another mountainside village today--Jiufen. It overlooks the ocean and is well known for its view, winding bustling street market, and unique local treats. It's also the one place in Taiwan where wood postcards can be found. Initially the wood postcards were my main incentive to go, but they didn't come close to meeting my expectations. So if I promised to send you a Jiufen wood postcard... sorry! 

The unique old street with it's spiderweb of secret alleys and undiscovered treasures did provide some snap worthy sights though. 

Peanut shavings from this large block are topped with ice cream and served with this flat bread.

Lion carved from soap--finest smelling store on the street. 

Chris discovered this steep alley. So naturally we explored. 

Alley sign. 

Back in Taipei we ate at a newly discovered brick oven pizza joint. Although the local food is really beginning to grow on me (Shocking, I know. The Queen of Complaints is finally complying), it was still good to have a slice of home... or at least of Italy. 


  1. Love, I do have to say... you have gotten so good with that camera. Everyone should know that Tori, Britton and Heather have been studying a Cannon how to book all summer and it looks like it is paying off. Good work Tor. The camera is your responsibility now;) my dream of being the cool dad with a cool camera are slowly faiding... tear.

  2. Peanuts, ice cream, and flat bread?...is that good?