Cultural Observation #5: Nightly News

Aside from scaring people into their facemasks, national coverage includes minor moped wrecks (which I’ve seen re-created with play-by-play computer generated animations), food alerts (i.e. a sports drink that has been found to make men’s gonads shrink),  and creepers on the loose (the latest being  a man who rides the subway and rubs his leg against the leg of the girl sitting next to him). It’s terrifying stuff.

Their lack of rattling news is a reflection of how extremely safe Taiwan is. It’s refreshing not to turn on the TV and feel like your nation is crumbling, your money is worthless, and terrorists are out to kill you. With all of their spare air time, the Taiwanese news networks cover stories about cute things animals have been taped doing, newly opened restaurants, and nice places to visit around the island. The big news this week was that someone accidentally dropped $1000 NT (roughly $30 USD), which someone else picked up without returning it to the owner--all caught on a store’s security camera. I feel like I’m living back at BYU-Idaho—a utopian society with almost humorously honest people. 

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  1. That is one thing I have decided I will miss most about Taiwan. I never was able to watch the news on my mission, but I have always known how good and honest these people are. It is so refreshing to turn on the TV and hear about funny youtube videos, cute animals, and a crazy/funny pervert on the trains. Most Taiwanese people watched that and wondered if they should take a taxi to work instead of the train... I watched it and thought... I want the guy to rub my leg so I can be on Taiwanese news!