Home Again

Home Again Jigedy Jig.

Not only am I back in the states enjoying all things American, but visiting Wyoming immersed in the feeling of home. I've spent my time here enjoying the crunch of fresh garden corn, the smell of harvested fields, homemade ice cream, fishing in flooded rain boots, watching grasshoppers explode like popcorn from the grass, and spending time with family.

Last week my brother just returned from a 2 year mission in the Dominican Republic. He has turned into an outstanding young man, but considering that he left home for two years, learned a second language, spent every day discussing religion with strangers, and only contacted our family via e-mail and letters... I would hope so. Now that's devotion--and he's only 21.

 One of our favorite Wyoming activities--jumping off a waterfall used for irrigation purposes. We know we're a little hick.

 Homemade ice cream. Made with lots of ice, salt, heavy cream, churning, more churning, and love.


Conclusion: Wyoming is the most beautiful place on Earth and I somehow didn't see it before. It took traveling to many other places and years away from home for me to realize it, but there is no comparison to home.


  1. Tori! I love this!! I am sure your family is sooooo excited to have Ryan home!!!! I saw your dad a few weeks ago and he said he was counting down the days till Ryan was home! he was sooo excited!

  2. Welcome back to the US Tori! Welcome home Ryan! Your post and pictures make me miss Wyoming.... I haven't been home since December and I miss the summer there. Lots of good memories.