Cultural Observation #4: Fear of Illness

-         Bring on the face masks! They are sold just about anywhere, and while I can understand wearing one during a major health scare like Czars or Swine Flu, your outfit’s not complete without one here. I can hardly blame people though—half of the nightly news coverage is devoted to dramatizing some freakish disease that no one is ever going to get.  What I don’t understand is how such a health conscious people can eat raw seafood (80% of which is parricide ridden when uncooked), meat sold off a hook in the street, and lay on the msg, without batting an eye. It’s a mystery. 


  1. Please Please don't come home with any serious illnesses, but do come home with some authentic recipes to re-create for your favorite childhood best friend! Can't wait to see you soon!!

  2. I have always found this humorous about the Taiwanese people. However, just a couple days ago I read an Metro advertisement that said,"have a couteous heart, wear a flu mask." All of the sudden it made sense. All of those strange looks I got on my mission were because of my colds! Not because I was a white using Chinese to talk about Jesus to a Buddist/Taoist country. I am glad I cleared that up.