Nature has a rhythm. It’s mesmerizing, and relaxing, and recharging to the soul but the problem is finding time to enjoy it.  It’s the same rhythm a fire makes as its unpredictable flames lick the air and vanish leaving the burning logs cracked, pulsing red hot, and coated in fine ash. You find yourself staring into the flames despite the heat on your face and smoke into your eyes, almost hypnotized by its beautiful irregularity.

Although the Rhythm's everywhere in nature, I rarely ever soak it up, but Saturday I had no choice. We traveled an hour to the ocean on the same day a hurricane passed by the island. The lifeguards closed the beach, I was without a book, and I left my Cannon at home, so I was forced to sit and watch the angry waves that kept me out of the water as they tumbled over themselves forming impressive swells.
I don’t know what it is about taking time to quietly observe nature, but it’s like getting an emotional recharge. Maybe because it calls to the profoundest part of my soul reminding me that I’m not born of concrete,  manufactured items, and urban crowding. It allows me to get in touch with my roots.  Or perhaps it’s because I realize how menial and helpless mankind is in comparison with the authority of Mother Earth. She can rattle everything that makes us feel stable—put us in our place. A fire can go rampant burning a city, an ocean can over throw its bounds, and a breeze can become a wind that picks up houses. Or maybe it’s because when I take time to study nature that I also take notice of the ever changing beauty and craftsmanship of God’s hand.

Either way, I got lost in nature’s powerful rhythm this weekend without any silly things to distract me. I just sat and stared into the sea and watched the impressiveness of it unfold. 

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