Home Office

I know that I just posted 2 minutes ago, but seeing that I am sort of obsessed with blogging and that Ashley's latest post inspired me, here I go again.

Chris begins school this Thursday (ASU-whoot!) but we don't have anywhere sensible to keep both of our computers. So, with school starting and Chris needing a desk, we have decided to create a small office space in our house. Now, I have yet to purchase anything, so if black and white are too typical/boring of me, I'm listening. Feedback is welcome, as are any ideas under $200. Design on a dime!

Micke (Ikea) - $80 + Jonas (Ikea) - $130

Oh! (by Karim Rashid) - $40

I love, love, love the pink Oh! chair... and the orange one, and the green one, but I am concerned about things getting too wild in this space because will be in our living room/dining room which doesn't match as is. One back and one white or both the same color?

Bungee Office Chair (The Container Store)

Bulletin & Magnetic Board (Umbra) - $20 each + Typography Calendar (Pentragram) - $40

If I were to use the magnetic boards, I would likely have two side-by-side horizontally to fill the length of the desk. However, the calendar would be amazing, but I am having the hardest time finding it for sale online.

Ok readers, there it is--my thoughts in the last 24 hours on what to do about a desk. Select your favorite of each or let me know if you have any bright ideas!


  1. Hello - I like the bungee chair, I think it would be fun to sit in. Kelli and my mom both really enjoyed NYC. They didn't let anything phase them and just went with the flow. By day five, my mom was ready to go home, kelli thought she could live there. I am very excited that you are blogging and I will comment on your posts and can't wait to hear and see more about life in phoenix!

  2. Ikea desk--forsure! Then our desks will match! I think you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't go for one of the brighter Oh! chairs and it would hurt my heart to see you stifled! Those chairs are rad though! I've never seen anything like them!