Three States. Six Days.

Last week Chris and I took advantage of Allegiant Air's ridiculously inexpensive airfare and flew home for a final visit prior to growing up and beginning our full time jobs. We flew into Montana, stayed at a cabin in lovely Island Park, Idaho, and went home to Wyoming. The trip was much needed and greatly enjoyed (especially the 80 degree weather!), so... here it is in a nut shell!

We split a cinnamon roll (Big Foot worthy) 6 ways, and this is what was leftover. My arteries!

Enjoyed the scenery in Island Park.

Did yoga.

Stood in scary places.

Went to the Play Mill and watched a comedy.

Recognized a guy in the comedy as the same guy who surprise-kissed me in college (on stage in front of 200 people). This was taken after Chris said, "Hey, you kissed my wife!"

Put dead things on our heads.

Went canoeing down a river in Island Park.

Three hours later... still beautiful.

Got dangerously close to a massive yet striking 6 point elk.

Absorbed Wyoming's finest scenery.

Tried wake boarding for the first time! As it turns out, I'm a bit of a natural :)


  1. how fun! i'm glad you got to take a break...they are much needed sometimes! miss ya!

  2. pretty sure that cinnamon roll made me want to cry with desire...and chris still is a babe. ;)

  3. You got to go to the Playmill!? So jealous. I wanted to perform there so bad. Maybe someday ... What a fun live you and Chris will lead!! Never ever a dull moment :) And way to rock the wake board!!