This Saturday gave me a very legitimate reason to be concerned that Chris and I don't have health insurance. We spent the day boating, wake boarding, attempting to wake surf (very difficult mind you), tubing, and crashing, crashing, crashing.

I'm pretty new to the whole wake boarding scene, so I fall... a lot. Chris isn't much of an exception himself, but he actually tries to pull off a few stunts. Anyhow, we woke up yesterday feeling like we had both been hit by cars. I'm pretty sure I got whiplash and should probably be wearing a neck brace, but once again... only so much you can do without insurance. Here are a few of our most intense moments:

On a different note...

Thanks to the feedback of my readers (all 4 of you), I have decided to re-test my egg hypothesis under a range of conditions. This Friday was--once again--115 degrees, so I cracked Egg #1 directly onto the asphalt as many of you suggested, and I cracked Egg #2 on a metal strip in front of my house. The results:

- Egg #1 got eaten by a stray cat within the first ten minutes.
- Egg #2 looked something like this after a day... and then got eaten by the same cat.

My conclusion: Technically speaking, it is possible to cook an egg with nothing more than the Arizona sun and the proper surface, but the result was far from the lovely sunny-side up egg I had envisioned. It was truly inedible in every sense of the word. I guess cats are an exception.

Speaking of cats, I have decided to adopt the stray kitty that keeps eating my experiments. He is cute and black and has huge gold eyes. He is also super skittish and I'm pretty sure that I terrify him, but--I want a cat.

At first I considered calling him Breakfast Face because so far he has only eaten my eggs and bacon, but I didn't want him to be embarrassed about having a lame name, so I ran a few by Chris: Nugget (no), Pablo (no), Scrappy (no). So we compromised and named him Gammit. It is in Chris' favor because it rhymes with something else he would like to call Gammit (he's allergic to and has a natural distain for cats), and I thought it was kind of cute. Anyhow, I secretly bought a bowl and some cat food for Gammit. Hopefully Chris will start taking more to our cat before he finds out that have been spending money to sustain him.

This weeks goal: warm Chris up to Gammit, and to get a photo of Gammit for my blog before he runs away!


  1. You didn't really expect to eat an egg that you fried on the SIDEWALK did you? How nice of you to feed a cat though. That sounds like how Orange became a member of our family. I was just feeding him outside and pretty soon it was inside. Though the girls had been sneaking him in before that, I just didn't know it. Good luck with trying to win Chris over :)

  2. We have a dog named nugget. It is a great name for an animal, although I understand Chris's reservations seeing as the term does evoke strange imagery.

    Tori-the crippled post made me almost collapse. You acting crippled reminded me of when you used to pop your arm joints out and walk around acting impaired.